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Fluidmaster Hit With Class Action Over Exploding Pipes

Posted: July 24, 2014
By: Brandon Lowrey
Source: Law360
Practice Areas: Consumer Protection

Fluidmaster Inc.'s "NO-BURST" pipes don't live up to their name because of a design defect that causes the stainless steel-braided water supply lines to corrode and explode, according to a putative class action filed Thursday in Pennsylvania federal court.


Pennsylvania plaintiffs Jeff Hungerman and Jared Sanborn are seeking to establish a nationwide class and a subclass for their home state. Their claims include false advertising, design defects and other allegations.


The pipes are prone to bursting because Fluidmaster uses an "inferior grade of stainless steel" that corrodes from common, household cleaners, and weak rubber tubing that can burst easily once the steel corrodes, the complaint says.

The company began using the NO-BURST name in the 1980s, registering the trademark in 1989, and claims the products are chlorine-resistant, though the type of steel used weakens and fractures when exposed to low levels of the chemical, the complaint alleges.

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