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Corporate Governance & Shareholder Rights

Berger & Montague protects the interests of individual and institutional investors in shareholder derivative actions in state and federal courts across the United States.

Berger & Montague Helps Individual and Institutional Investors Reform Poor Corporate Governance

Sometimes, institutional and individual investors need to press for corporate governance reform and correct improper conduct by directors and officers in order to benefit the corporation and its shareholders.

In such cases, our goal is to create operational transparency and implement a framework to ensure that directors and officers in the future act responsibly and in the best interests of the corporation and its shareholders. Facilitating such reforms is a practice area in which Berger & Montague is especially adept.

Berger & Montague Represents Individual and Institutional Investors in Merger & Acquisition Litigation

In some instances, individual or institutional investors wish to file litigation against officers and directors of a company for violating their fiduciary duties in connection with corporate transactions.

The goal of the litigation can be to increase the deal price, compel the public disclosure of important facts to assist investors in deciding whether to approve the deal, and to improve the terms of the deal to ensure fairness to investors and to eliminate coercion. For many decades, Berger & Montague has been a national leader in representing individual and institutional investors in this type of litigation.

Berger & Montague Advises Individual and Institutional Investors Concerning Their Rights

Berger & Montague is often retained by clients and requested to provide guidance concerning their rights. Our attorneys take a hard look at the corporation's governance provisions, conduct by the directors and officers, and all other relevant information.

This analysis is undertaken to assist our clients in determining whether to pursue corporate governance reforms as an objective of derivative or direct litigation. We also advise our clients concerning whether to proceed with securities litigation aimed principally at recovering investors' monetary damages, when applicable.

Our Firm's Record Speaks for Itself

Berger & Montague lawyers have been extremely successful in obtaining substantial corporate governance reforms as well as large monetary recoveries.

For example, in Ginsburg v. Philadelphia Stock Exchange, shareholder Lawrence Deutsch and others represented a former trader/investor who brought a shareholder class action on behalf of minority shareholders of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange. The lawsuit alleged breaches of fiduciary duty by the directors of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange and the Exchange itself.

On the eve of trial, our clients reached a settlement providing for consideration valued at more than $99 million to class members, along with significant changes to corporate governance to prevent the recurrence of the disenfranchisement that sparked the litigation in the first place.

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For more information or to schedule a confidential discussion about a potential case, please fill out the contact form on the right, email us at, or contact a Corporate Governance and Shareholder Rights Group shareholder. We are available to evaluate potential corporate governance and shareholder rights cases without charge.