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Representing Opt-Outs in Class Actions

Berger & Montague offers exceptional representation of businesses, institutional investors, employee benefit or ERISA plans and governmental entities when they wish to opt out of securities and antitrust class actions filed by others and file an individual lawsuit to maximize their recovery or have a say in the proceedings.

Berger & Montague offers an alternative to businesses, institutional investors and governmental entities who are dissatisfied with their potential pro rata share of securities and antitrust class action settlements that may amount to pennies on the dollar in damages. We advise and represent clients who may opt out of class actions filed by others -- often securities fraud cases and price-fixing and monopolization antitrust claims -- and help them pursue their claims independently of the class action, where they often stand to receive a much greater financial recovery. Our skill and experience in evaluating, investigating and pursuing securities and antitrust claims provides our clients with the option of deciding how best to pursue their own claims - whether as a class member or individually in separate litigation.

The decision to opt out of a securities or antitrust class action usually must be made in a condensed timeframe. Berger & Montague has the resources and expertise to evaluate any class action case in the context of our client's individual needs in order to provide advice and guidance concerning the best course of action, as well as representation in individual litigation where appropriate. Visit our Antitrust Group and Securities Fraud Group for more information about these practice areas.

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We invite you to learn more about our Representing Opt-Outs in Class Actions Group. Berger & Montague welcomes referrals from other law firms and attorneys. For more information or to schedule a confidential discussion about a potential case, please fill out the contact form on the right, email us at, or contact a Representing Opt-Outs in Class Actions Group shareholder. We are available to evaluate potential opt-out cases without charge.