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5 Warning Signs of Government Fraud Resulting in False Claims Act Violations

If you witness any of the following signs, you may be able to file a qui tam case.

1. Doctors signing prescription pads for others to fill in with prescriptions for controlled substances. This is a clear sign for fraud against the government and could be a false claims act claim.

2. Prescriptions that include less than the required information.

3. Prescriptions for Schedule II drugs being written to include refills, or Schedule III-V prescriptions being written to include either:

  • More than 5 refills
  • Refills for more than 6 months.

4. A doctor prescribing a drug that is also a controlled substance for diseases and illnesses that do not warrant such drugs.

5. A doctor prescribing a drug that is also a controlled substance to a very large majority of their patients. This could be healthcare fraud and violate the False Claims Act.

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